My name is Kendall Kelley. I grew up mostly in rural, small town Texas before joining the worlds greatest Air Force. After my time was up, I finished a college degree, then went into school for EMT-B and EMT-P certifications. After two unfortunate injuries that resulted with a broken spine, I decided to dive head first (pun intended) into the beauty industry.
I graduated from Paul Mitchell the school of Dallas in November of 2019. During school, I realized I have a huge passion for styling and updos. Growing up, I was always the friend everyone called when they needed hair and makeup done for an event, but I never realized just how much I enjoyed doing it until I learned and challenged myself with intricate braids and updo styles during my cosmetology program. I love a good challenge, and sophisticated updos give me just that. I plan to learn as much as I possibly can during my career, and am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to learn under an incredible artist like Leslie!


Hey there, I’m Alexis!
Growing up in Dallas and having a family very involved in the dance community; I was always around costuming, hair, and makeup! Which created a major influence in my career path.
As soon as I finished high school, I went straight into cosmetology school.
After finishing, I went to work in a full service salon for two years. Where I realized it just wasn’t a right fit for me, and that I had a taste for something a little different in this industry.
Fast forward almost 3 years, and I have launched myself into my true passion; bridal styling and theatrics! Working alongside Leslie has been an absolute treat, as well as an insane learning experience.

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